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September 2023 - Welcome V6!

Updated: Apr 21

We kicked off Torah Tech V6's gap year in Israel with a bang, starting the year with a captivating journey through Israel's diverse landscapes. Our opening trip took us north, where we immersed ourselves in the scenic beauty and historical richness of the region. The participants not only set up camp under the stars but also explored the historic site of Tel Hai, engaged in an adrenaline-pumping paintball match, and conquered the rapids through water rafting in the Jordan river. These exciting activities were complemented by team-building exercises that bonded the group right from the start.


As we moved into Rosh Hashanah, our participants gathered for a special Shabbat celebration that was both festive and meaningful. This was a perfect occasion for forming new bonds and strengthening our sense of community.

The momentum didn't slow down as we dived into a variety of activities throughout the month. Our participants caught waves in surf lessons, toured Jerusalem’s Old City, and dedicated time for chesed by packing food for those in need with Leket Israel. The adventures continued with wakeboarding at Lake TLV and a meaningful visit to ADI Negev, a rehabilitation center providing vital services to disabled children and adults. Spiritual enrichment was also a part of our journey, with a special mincha at the tomb of Raban Gamliel.

In between all these exhilarating experiences, we had the privilege of meeting our dedicated educators. They led insightful shiurim, preparing us for the structured days of interning and Torah learning at the Beit Midrash that lay ahead.

We could not have been more excited to begin this incredible year with V6, and look forward to a year enriched with learning, adventures, and spiritual growth.

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