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March 2024

Updated: Apr 21

Amidst our ongoing dedication to learning and internships, we curated an exciting lineup of activities to maximize every moment of the month!

We kicked off with a meaningful partnership, participating in the Jerusalem Marathon alongside the ADI Fleet from the Negev. Running in solidarity, V6 participants raised donations to support ADI's invaluable work, making every step count for a worthy cause.

Venturing into the great outdoors, we embarked on a scenic hike in Nachal Tavor, immersing ourselves in the beauty of nature. Our exploration continued as we journeyed to Haifa, where we toured the prestigious Technion and delved into maritime history at the National Maritime Museum.

Adding a touch of innovation to our gap year experience, we welcomed a special guest speaker, Hillel Fuld, who shared insights into the dynamic world of technology and its intersection with Torah values. His perspective shed light on the unique role of Israel in the global tech landscape.

Purim brought extra joy this year as our participants took the initiative to lead the Megillah reading, something we celebrated with immense pride. To elevate our festivities, we marked several siyumim of Masechtot of Gemarah, culminating in a mouthwatering brisket feast that brought our community together in celebration and camaraderie.

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