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October 2023

Updated: Apr 21

After returning from Sukkot break, our plans took an unexpected turn following the events of October 7th. Like many, we had to adapt quickly, setting aside our regular schedule of learning and internships. Our participants truly rose to the occasion, displaying remarkable leadership and commitment to Am Yisrael.

From the get go, V6 went above and beyond in their efforts to support the community and our troops. They joined forces with Kitchen94, packing thousands of meals for those in need. Their dedication didn’t stop there; they also tied hundreds of Tzitzit, a much needed spiritual support for soldiers. Furthermore, they worked tirelessly in sourcing suppliers and raising funds to equip our troops with tactical and vital life-saving gear. Their efforts extended to setting up apartments for families in mourning, allowing them to sit shiva with dignity.

Despite these demanding tasks, our participants continued their studies and community engagement. They managed to balance their commitment to learning with the urgent needs of the community, navigating these challenging times with grace and perseverance.

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