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Gavri Kepets V1 Interview

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

We are excited to showcase one of our amazing alumni for our first blog bost!

Where did you intern when you were at Torah Tech? I interned at AutoFleet, a car fleet optimization service. Where are you now? Senior at Cooper Union Studying Electrical Engineering. What is a cool thing you’re up to now? This summer I had an Internship working at Amazon in Seattle doing Software Engineering. I helped get data for company wide communication systems. What was your favorite TT Meal and Memory? Yudi's Midnight BBQs was favorite meal, Yam L'yam with the boys was my favorite memory. What was the biggest lesson you learned while at TT? Time Management for sure. Why did you pick TT? A Gap Year opportunity where I can mature without compromising my learning or my professional development. What would you tell your 18-19 yr old self in TT? You're gonna accomplish a lot, have fun, work hard, and make lifelong friends, don't let the opportunity go to waste. Tell me one change you made at TT that has positively impacted your life? Being able to commit and be consistent to the things that I do. Lastly, what is your dream job? Being a CEO in Israel, and building up the next big thing in tech from the bottom up.

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