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November 2023

Updated: Apr 21

November arrived, bringing a sense of calm after the whirlwind of October. With our feet firmly planted, V6 participants eased into a more structured routine. V6 settled into their routine of internship and learning days at the Beit Midrash, all while maintaining our commitment to volunteering and supporting our troops.

Adding a dash of culinary flair to our routine, we enjoyed a delightful cooking lesson with Donny Rogoff, mastering the art of crafting the perfect steak.

Our dedication to preparedness led us to undertake a MADA course in emergency first aid, equipping us with crucial skills for unforeseen circumstances.

As Thanksgiving drew near, we gathered for a festive meal, complete with not one, not two, but four turkeys! Joined by V6 parents and siblings, we shared laughter and gratitude for the bonds we've formed.

In the midst of our normal routine, we carved out moments for excitement and personal growth. We embraced the outdoors with a rejuvenating water hike in Emek HaMayanot, offering a refreshing pause from our daily endeavors. Following this, we headed to a farm in Tirat Zvi, where we rolled up our sleeves and spent two days helping in harvesting crops.

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