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Jordan Mittler V5 Spotlight

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Name: Jordan Mittler

From: Manhattan, NY

HS: Ramaz

How is Torah Tech going so far?

It’s amazing, it has surpassed all my expectations, I feel like it’s giving me the opportunity to really be IN israel and really getting an Israeli experience. I really like the speakers and teachers here at Torah Tech, many of the speakers are people who are not just amazing professionals in terms of there job, but I really like seeing how they balance that with being a practicing Jew. For example: one of our speakers is a VP at a VC fund, and comes to Torah Tech weekly to teach us Chasidut. These speakers are true role models for me and show me how I can balance the values that I care about. *EXCELLENT TORAH TECH TIP INCOMING* Everytime we have a speaker, I take general notes about them and try to keep in contact with them after so I can keep them as connections and even mentors. I have felt a lot of religious growth and really have learned the skill of committing to goal and staying consistent with it, for example: I have me and many of my peers have commiting do doing perek Tanach a day and were are on pace to finish almost have of Tanach by the end of the year! I feel like I have also gained a love for Israel and really got to experience everything it has to offer. Overall, I am really happy with my decision to come to Torah Tech.

What activities have you been doing while you have been at Torah Tech?

I started Torah Tech Tunes, I had been in Ramaz choir and have loved music for over 10 years. When I came to Torah Tech I thought my passion for music would have to take a pause, but actually it was the exact opposite! The first Shabbat during Kabbalat Shabbat I was amazed by the singing and ruach and realized that I may be able to continue my passion here. I started to gauge interest in a Torah Tech choir and one thing came to another and Torah Tech Tunes was created. We have over 10 guys who rehearse weekly and now lead Kabbalat Shabbat together. We actually just came out with our first music video to Al Hanisim. Go watch it! There is a link to it in the newsletter.

What are you learning right now at Torah Tech?

I am learning perek Tanach a day, Ein Habanim Smicha, Michtav Mi'Eliyahu (Strive for Truth), Gemara Tractate Beitza, and I am reading "Judaism Straight up" by Moshe Koppell

What is your internship? and how is it going?

I am doing Business Development at Autofleet, a vehicle fleet optimization platform. I get to work with many different departments within the company and get a lot of responsibilities which lets me get my hands dirty in as many different things as possible and because of this I have learned a lot from business skills to the in's and out's of how a company is run. I also get to do a lot of fun things with my company, we have dinner parties bi-weekly and I actually just got back from a company-wide overnight trip to Eilat! They treat me really well, my coworkers are helpful, patient, and supportive, and I feel like I have made connections that I will have for many years to come.

How is living in Tel Aviv?

I found Tel Aviv so nice, not just because it’s the heart of startup nation and being near the beach but it really gives you a real appreciation for Israel and a real opportunity to bring Avahas Hashem (love of Hashem) to the people, like when we danced around Tel Aviv on Simchat Torah. You never get bored in Tel Aviv.

What are your plans for next year?

I am going to Harvard University and I am planning on studying Economics.

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