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December 2023

Updated: Apr 21

December was a month brimming with learning and vibrant Channukah celebrations, marking yet another memorable chapter in our Israel gap year journey. As the Channukah illuminated our days, our V6 participants, with the generous support of their parents, indulged in over 350 sufganiyot, savoring each delicious bite in the spirit of the holiday.

Our Channukah festivities were a highlight, with spirited gatherings and nightly candle-lighting ceremonies fostering a sense of unity and happiness among our close-knit community in our Beit Midrash.

Amidst the festivities, our commitment to Torah study and exploration remained steadfast. We embarked on enlightening trips to Bet Shemesh and the Biblical Museum, delving deeper into Israel's rich history and heritage.

We enjoyed an exciting evening activity with Hibbat Zion, our brother Mechina program, as we embarked on a thrilling scavenger hunt adventure around the vibrant streets of Tel Aviv.

To reward our participants for their dedication, we treated them to an exhilarating adventure at TLV 2048, an immersive escape room experience in the heart of Tel Aviv. Here, amidst the challenges and thrills, laughter and camaraderie flourished, providing a well-deserved break from our rigorous schedule.

Adding to the excitement, we joined forces with our brother Mechina program, Hibbat Zion, for a memorable event filled with ice breakers, stimulating discussions, and a delightful pasta dinner.

Moreover, we seized the opportunity to expand our understanding of the current affairs in Israel, attending a thought-provoking speaking engagement featuring journalist Douglas Murray and Colonel Richard Kemp, offering valuable insights into the country's dynamic landscape.

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