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How much can I make?

There are several factors that influence how much money you make as a Carbon Recall® franchisee. The four biggest factors that could make a difference in your results are:

  • The location of your franchise
  • Your ability to grow sales
  • How well you build customer relationships and loyalty
  • Your function as a daily operational leader (or recruiting a project manager that can effectively communicate with your customers)

How are markets developed?

Our individual franchise territories are areas encompassing a contiguous population of at least 100,000 for a Manager Franchise and up to 200,000+ for a Developer Franchise based on the latest U.S. Census Bureau data. We expect franchisees to start with one specialized Carbon Recall® unit but grow over time as they gain market share. A Franchise Agreement provides franchisees with a protected region within an exclusive trade area in one of Carbon Recall's target markets. Our development team has researched its growth markets to determine the appropriate number of locations suitable for a territory based on demographics, psychographics, and local population.

How fast can I open?

A Carbon Recall® franchise is one of the most affordable ways to develop a successful business in the emerging renewable energy industry. And it’s a proven system that works right out of the box, so you can enter your market and meet customer needs with speed and agility. Becoming an owner can take as little as one month and within 180 days of opening, your business should be set up and be generating revenue.

Who do you look for?

Carbon Recall® franchise owners come from all walks of life. Typically, they are not contractors, renewable energy experts, or property improvement gurus. Our franchisees are smart, hard-working, and driven individuals. They have a disciplined acumen for maximizing opportunity and they know how to inspire and bring out the best in other people.



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